Our Philosphy

MP Design’s focus is commitment to our clients, by building relationships that understand your specific communication, budget, and timeline needs.

MP Design will provide you with the results you expect, no surprises.

Our success is measured by your satisfaction!


Areas of Expertise:

  • FIFRA-EPA/FDA/USDA Regulated Labeling & Packaging for US/Domestic, Export and International Markets
  • Extended Text Labels (Booklet/Base, DFUs)
  • Prime Container Labels
  • Corrugated Outer Packaging
  • Multi-wall and Flexible Bags
  • FIBC/IBC Labeling
  • Hazmat Marking/Labeling
  • GHS Labeling
  • Barcodes
  • Custom PDF forms and imprint templates
  • Sell Sheets, Line Cards, Catalogs, Presentations
  • Digital Asset Management (Graphic and Text Version Tracking)


  • Mac and/or PC production (using Adobe CC applications, QuarkXpress, and CorelDraw)
  • PDF proofing workflow (utilizing Global Vision Docu-Proof Comparison Software in addition to traditional proofreading)
  • Secure cloud services for delivery/receipt of files too large for email systems
  • Turnaround times that address your real world needs
  • Solutions tailored to your workflow, nomenclature, and personnel
  • Data and cost management
  • Highly professional staff, experienced in print production and compliance requirements
  • Servers and workstations utilize multi-level 3-tier backup systems. Enterprise level security hardware and software protecting your digital assets from intrusions and malware.



To learn more about how MP Design can benefit you, call 215-428-0881 or email mpd@mpdesign-inc.com